Help Win Self-Determination for People with Developmental Disabilities


If we are to be given the choice for Self-Determination, we're going to have to fight for it.

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I support Self-Determination.

Self-Determination would put the person with a disability in control of their service dollars, to hire their own workers or negotiate unique service arrangements from provider agencies. People would receive the supports they need, from the people they choose.

Self-Determination would give people the flexibility to support themselves in a home that they control, to truly participate in their communities, to find friends and companionship, and to generate income to help pull themselves out of poverty.

Under Self-Determination, families or regional center clients would be able to hire who they want, manage their employees how they want, and dismiss them if they choose. Their workers would have the right to organize to protect the program and seek better funding for better pay.

Self-Determination would give people the tools to take charge of their lives and to pursue their destiny in the ways that they choose.

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